Important Things To Know About Income Tax Singapore Foreigner

August 13, 2018
income tax singapore foreigner

Working and living in Singapore comes with various benefits. Apart from pampering yourself with all things to play, work and live, you can enjoy some other nations like Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and more which are nearby.  On top of all, there is one foremost attraction for all the foreigners who are wishing to get relocated to the city-state. It offers the foreigners the tax policies which are people-friendly. Yes, you can check out below the detailed overview of the income tax rate for income tax Singapore foreigner in this place.

Tax exemption for foreigners

income tax singapore foreigner

 You can learn more about different reliefs, rebates for which they are entitled. Generally, IRAS (Authority of Inland Revenue Singapore) which is the tax regulator of this place, treats all permanent residents who are non-Singapore or non-Singaporeans as the foreigners for all tax purposes.  These kinds of people depend on the status of their tax residence and liable for income tax on the income which is derived in or accrued from Singapore only. Similarly, once the income gets determined to be sourced as foreign, it is just to see whether it was received or earned in Singapore or not. If it is not, then as per income tax Singapore foreigner, it is exempted from the taxation.

Tax resident Singapore

You must also understand, as per the rules of tax residence of Singapore, the foreigners are regarded as the tax resident if she or she works or stays in Singapore for around 183 days at least in the particular calendar year. These days also include the public holidays, weekends and the temporary absence for overseas vacation or official work