Overview about powerful intention of Rhonda Byrne

July 29, 2017

An international bestseller, the secret by Rhonda Byrne is a self explanatory publication which focuses on the ability of human thought. The book has its source in an incident in the life span of the author. Going through a challenging phase in her life the writer consulted many different self help books her, which led her to obtain the key to be successful in life, which she dubbed as the great secret of life. Practicing her new found concept, the writer caused remarkable changes in her own life that were nothing short of a miracle. To share her discovery, the writer first made a movie film called the secret in the kind of a documentary using a variety of interviews. Released on the internet in March 2006, the movie was soon made into a DVD. It was followed by the publication of the same name that became an overnight success.

powerful intention of Rhonda Byrne

The fundamental message of this book is that we are able to get everything we need, simply with the power of positive thinking. The theory of Byrne relies heavily on the law of attraction and says that we are able to control all aspects of our life through our believing. As per the law of attraction in order to accomplish anything we have to ask the universe for this thing. We will need to know what we want and visualize our fantasies as coming true. To make the thing we need occur, we must first make ourselves believe that what we need is really occurring. And we have to be prepared to receive it. According to the law, if you would like something honestly and think it would occur, the universe would help make that very thing possible. Through her book writer livro usado highlights that we human beings possess a much greater control over our life than we know.

The secret says that if we think of something we bring it to us. Thinking about achievement would bring success, while on the other hand fretting about failure and thinking about it would bring failure. Quite simply by controlling the direction of our ideas we can change the outcome of events. Thus, our ideas can help us from our own destiny. The publication states that the present situation in our life is the results of our thoughts. The writer is of the opinion that the whole universe is connected and everything has a frequency of its own and if you concentrate your thoughts on exactly the identical frequency, you can achieve anything and everything you desire.