Trusted Pork From Europe Ensures Quality

August 6, 2018

The quality of the pork is quite a debatable issue due to the deadly virus they can spread which is known as Swine Influenza Virus. The Swine Influenza Virus cause a respiratory infection which is known as swine flu which leads many casualties each year. So many countries and especially the European Union (EU) ensures the highest level of pork quality. Europe is quite serious about food safety issues and they have an authority which is known as European Food Safety Authority which ensures the quality of the pork from the process of processing to the distribution of the pork. Trusted pork from europe is exported in all the other countries with total assurance of safety and quality.

What makes European pork the best choice in the market?


  • EFSA: So basically EFSA is an authority which works independently and its aim is to notify the government regarding any hazards due to any food items. The EFSA takes samples of the food products and carries out scientific analysis to ensure the safety standards of the food. So every pork in Europe is scientifically analyzed to ensure its safety and quality.
  • Full traceability: The pork in Europe is fully traceable which means that the pork is traced properly from all stages of production, processing, packaging,and Which makes the unfit pork to be removed from the market and ensuring the safety of the consumers.

The safety standards in Europe are quite strict and the EU takes the matter of food safety very seriously so that the consumers can get the best quality of pork.